Bardo Industries

Design Studio based in Brooklyn, NY.


Poster Design for Avalanche, a film by Ellie Foumbi. In Avalanche, a young wife’s downward spiral is triggered by suspicions of her husband’s infidelity. It is directed by Ellie Foumbi; written by Foumbi and Eric Unverszagt; and stars Caitlin Mehner, Gregory Lay, Nora Garrett and Tim Hackney. Written and Directed by Ellie Foumbi Produced and […]


Renegade NYC

Renegade NYC is a platform created and curated by DIY artist Cassidy George that showcases projects and products from NYC’s emerging art scene, as well different content created purposely for the brand. Cassidy approached to us to help her build her brand and website. Inspired by NYC 80’s punk scene, this new look and feel […]


There will be pie! – The High Line

Friends of The High Line commissioned us to create an illustration to promote a night of Storytelling & Comedy. “Stories, stand-up, and super fresh interviews with hosts Jon Ronson and Maeve Higgins. Get together over a slice of pie, and enjoy a warm summer evening with some of New York’s best-est.” Based in the core […]


Blood and Water

Poster Design for Blood and Water, a film by Emily Iason. Living for the moment, Flo is a 22 year old student attracted to the neon dive bars of the East Village and the women she often picks up there. One semester, her world is turned on its head when she falls for one of […]


Pascal Demeester

Custom cards designed for the Artist and Photographer Pascal Demeester. Limited Edition of 200. Mohawk Superfine Ultra White Eggshell 120# Cover Mount (4 ply)


Festivus 2015—2016

2016 it’s around the corner and we want to wish you all the best of the best for this new year to come! Here’s to much more “us” next year! Cheers! We’ve customized the bottles of one of our favorite argentinian wines for our clients. What? you didn’t received one? Contact us and be part […]


Josefina Scaro

Josefina Scaro is an actress for film and theater with a long trajectory in both fields.



Ü Lofts is the latest project from the Architecture firm Bit.arquitectos. Located in the hillside of the San Javier mountain in the city of Tucumán, Argentina; the lofts have been designed to take advantage of the natural context. Providing different characteristics, the units adapt to many of the needs of its future tenants.

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Freecell Architecture

Freecell Architecture is an architectural firm based in Brooklyn NY. Since 2005, Freecell Architecture finds it essential to engage with materials, methods, and structures to solve design problems. The Firm’s approach is always personal and strongly artistic. Most of their projects involved the experience, the sensorial: projects always feature a back and forth with the […]


Stone Cars

Poster Design for Stone Cars, a film by The Green Brothers. Stone Cars is a coming of age love story set in the shacks of Khayelitsha township, one of the most dangerous areas in the world. April is faced with a decision that ultimately she will have to live with the rest of her life. […]


Annual Appeal Postcard

Paper cut handmade collage for the Annual Appeal Postcard from CUP (Center for Urban Pedagogy).  


Don’t Get Iced!

Getting arrested can have serious consequences for non-citizens living in the United States.

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Bardo Products

Bardo de Autor is a branch of Bardo Industries; as a matter of fact, it’s where Bardo Industries got his name from. It started as a messy personal project back in 2011; tired of working in front of the computer all day, we had the need to make something tangible. Bardo was born as a […]



Poster Design for Valeria, a short film by Erin Vassilopoulos. Discharged from the hospital after a partial face transplant, Eva is struck by an insatiable curiosity about her donor, with whom she feels increasingly connected. In her quest to find out more about the unnamed woman, Eva makes a series of discoveries that lead her […]


Grillo Matto

Sleeve design for Grillo Matto’s eponymous debut album. Our aim was to convey, aesthetically, the sharp nature of their music and the darkness of the lyrics. The composition is crossed by metalanguage, and is meant to be read in layers, to be explored.

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Battle of Waterloo

We were comissioned by Waterloo Ceramics to create an illustration for a commemorative mug for the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. “Made in Stoke-on-Trent from English Fine Bone China, The Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary Commemorative mug will donate 10% each mug sold to charity. There’s a long tradition of battlefield souvenirs, from […]


OAS – Secretariat for Public Affairs

Brochure for the Secretariat for Public Affairs, part of the Organization of American States (OAS). Format: 11 x 17 in open 8,5 x 5,5 in closed.


Atlantic Avenue Bid

[finalist pitch on New Brand ID and creative for Atlantic Avenue] Brooklyn Chic




Yuppy Cakes

We were commissioned by Buenos Aires-based La Golondrina Studio to develop the branding and packaging for an upcoming bakery focused on cupcakes. The goal was to achieve a classic yet current product, with a funny feel to it, and at the same time distance Yuppy from their competitors.

2014 — Bardo Ind. LLC, made in Brooklyn